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  • بنر-اسلایدر-شو-ماهسان-یدک-قفل گاردن-تویوتا-

Mahasan Tow (manufacturer of Peugeot front parts, Pride, Nissan, Xantia, L90, Toyota and Mitsubishi)

  • Pride's engine number one
    Pride’s engine number one
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Engine Handle 3f
    Toyota Land Cruiser Engine Handle 3f
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About Mahsan Tow

The Mahan Co. was established and managed by Mr. Mehdi Salehi in 1355, and now with the help of Almighty God and enjoying expertise and 40 years of experience in producing all kinds of metal and rubber parts of the car in the same quality as foreign models are proudly prepared for any cooperation. With various organs and companies. This manufacturing unit has succeeded in achieving its predetermined goals over many years in the field of national industry, relying on the mighty God, and, in this regard, producing its products to the countries of the same Border and Neighborhood (Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, etc.) and in this regard, what for managers and staff

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